jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

Young Domitian statue

Name of the artist: Don't know.

Material and techniques: White marble from medium to coarse grained

Where it was made and found:
Found in the main sewer under the Martyrs Shrine in the Plaza de Seo

When it was made and found: Done in the second half of the first century AD C.

Dimensions: 135 cm height

Description: Nude male statue, without both arms and both legs above the knee has the idealized torso, the oval face serene expression and a style characteristic of his chronological age.

Historical context:
Statue was found in the forum area, which has an Caesaraugusta
heroic nudity; late-Neronian chronology or preferably domicianea

Thematic: Evidence of reworking from a
previous portrait of Nero.

Where is to be seen now: Museum of Zaragoza

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