viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

Triclinium - main dining room of a house

Name of the building: Triclinium

Name of the architect: Don´t know

Material and Techniques: The triclinium offers a mural and a roof of the fourth style. The floor is made with a central emblem of tiles and colors.

On the walls skirting was used without baseboards imitating blue-gray and white granite; was alternated panels (there appear animated reasons) and interpanels (fluted Corinthian columns and based on black background) and framed by bands of color; finishes off stucco cornice and simple moldings.

Location: Provincial Museum of Zaragoza

Dimensions: 6,60 metres long x 5,50 metres wide x 3,50 metres high

Historical Context: It was made in the first century BC where the houses were pleasant and this is an example of them.

Restoration: It was rebuilt in 2000 from remains found of some pieces of the courtyard made in mid-century I a. C.

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