martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

Askos vessel with Atalanta and Hippomenes

Name of the artist: Don't know.

Material and techniques: Ceramic. Red figure technique.

Where it was made and found: Sicily

When it was made and found: First quarter of 4" Century BC.

Dimensions: Ht 25,4 cm : w. 29 cm

Description: Curved vessel profile with the top concave on one hand stood the mouth with a short neck and the other with the handle that was to finish on the neck.

Historical context:
Representation of the competition between Atlanta and Hipomenes, the brave young man who won with the apples that Aphrodite had given him: to gather young Atalanta which overtook him dropped. Zeus turned them into lions after their wedding, in Greek thought was believed that these animals do not cross each other, so that they are driven to solitude. They were also ordered to pull the chariot of the goddess Cybele.

Thematic: Everyday object with mythological figures

Where is to be seen now: Museum of Zaragoza

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